Monday, August 2, 2010

Playground naiveté...

So... I often hear of all this talk about how time flies.  How one day you're changing diapers and the next you’re giving your little girl away to some knight in shining armor.  Well, while taking a mental snapshot of where I am in this process, I wondered if I had time.  Time before teenage boys would begin calling my house, disguised as giddy school girls, to speak to my "precious." Time before she went on her first date, and then time before she resents me for telling her that she won't be wearing that outfit out of my house - not today!" These things I wondered and it is the following story that gave me my answer.

I’d just returned from a function of some kind when I myself was told this most wonderful story about what happened in my absence.  It's a story filled with all kinds of wonder and mirth – all wrapped up in a little bundle of naiveté!  You see, this story is that of a young suitor attempting to introduce himself to a most beautiful young lady, and from my point of view, it was marvelously told and one to which I shall forever hold dear to my heart.  In fact, I often beg to have it repeated as it brings me so much joy!

Ok, so as I imagine it, a young and beautiful girl was eyed swinging on the swings at the park one sunny evening.  Naturally, the wind began to blow through her long silky hair, gliding across her face, perhaps, reacting in her a beautiful smile.  Noticing this, after a happenstance glance across the park, the young suitor began to summon up his confidence in an attempt to inquire of her.  Sweating and nervous, he makes his way past the monkey bars, under the slide, and over the rock wall (obviously to show some sort of romantic agility).  I imagine his heart beating furiously!  Next to her, swinging just the same, sits the slightly older and equally beautiful narrator of this story.  She takes in the encounter with anticipation.  

Next, the young suitor slides his feet through the mulched covered surface, making his way closer and he stops just a few feet from her that has compelled him.

"Excuse me," he said.
"Huh?" she replied softly.

At this point, all attention was on him as both beauties turned theirs to him.  He must have been wondering if she had a boyfriend as he mustered up his confidence to speak once more.  She must have been thinking, "Boy, you're too close...don't get kicked!"

"Do you go with anybody?" He stuttered out.

"Why what do you mean?" The young dame inquired.

"You know, do you “GO” with anybody?"

Wonderfully confused and naive, the beautiful young girl continued in her swinging aspirations as the narrator interjected:

"Boy, she doesn't even know what you’re talking about. Go on somewhere!"  (Exit stage left goes boy in dusty shoes!)

Without any further questioning, the story ends there and the young dame, my daughter, along with the narrator, my sister, keep swinging and live to tell this story to me many times over.  It's brought me so much joy to know that my daughter is SO not into boys.  Isn't it great to know that there's still time for me my friends?  ***whispering*** There's still time!