Friday, September 3, 2010

School Daze...

Well friends, school is back in session and the routine begins once more. The early morning hygiene roll calls, the "I have nothing to wear" rants, and the "Can I sleep a little longer" pleadings! So with my oldest going into the 8th grade this year, I recalled a story from my 8th grade days as I walked her to the bus stop. It was one that brought to my remembrance how it might feel for my daughter on her first day. For me, my first day of 8th grade was a day that I'll never forget and hopefully for her, a much better ending.

To begin, I headed to the bus stop that day ready for school! With Digable Planets blasting in my Walkman, my hair was freshly faded (with a Mike Tyson part of course), my DDTP shirt was properly over sized and my Guess jeans were well...baggy! All seemed well right? Wrong! Why? My shoes were busted! Long story short, I'd went along with my neighborhood friends and bought a pair of fake Bo Jackson's only weeks before. They were supposed to be play shoes and that's what they were. By the time back to school shopping began, my parents chalked it up as a cost accounted for. "We just bought you new shoes," they said. The look on my face said it all. What was I to do?

Now while this scenario may seem trivial to you, to my 8th grade mind in the 90's, it was catastrophic! So what happened? As soon as I stepped off the bus and met up with my friends, the jokes began. "You got dem new Joe Jackson's?!?- cuz your shoes are beat!" Are those Kangaroos man?!? Those must be the new Cranks (An old "In Living Color" reference)! Needless to say, I did not find their attempts at humor funny! The problem was that everyone else did and my chances of going into the yearbook as best dressed was over on day one!

In the end, that situation made me realize the pressures my daughter must surely be going though as it pertained to acceptance with her peers. It was at that moment I slowed my pace to a stop. "Maybe you should go on to the bus stop by yourself," I said. "I'm sure you don't want to be seen with your Dad at the bus stop." What did she do? She continued her walk in her fresh Nike's and said "No, I want you to," and gave me a hug before getting on the bus. The look on my face said it all! With that, she made it a day that I'd never forget and started for her, a rather forgettable one. Now that's a routine that I could get used to.

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